The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1985-89

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. 
In these years, the magazine tended to have a "posed scene" on the front cover. Nevertheless, it gave a good indication of the UN at work.
Several full page, 'a day in the life of' styled articles have also been included.

Although captioned.......A Danish soldier observes from OP D11, the highest location on the Buffer Zone, the sign appears to read OP D12.

Another image from the high Danish OP in Sector 1.

The "Grizzly" armoured vehicle at OP C45 (this was the armoured vehicle that 'solved' the problem of Grizzly Bunker in central Nicosia).

An article about how farming in the Buffer Zone was controlled.

The Swedish UN sector included three occupied villages that were inside the controlled Buffer Zone.

One of the little known roles of the UN.

British UN soldiers being briefed on a patrol along their sector.

A Ferret armoured vehicle passes the deserted Olympus Hotel within the Buffer Zone in central Nicosia. 
Winston Churchill is said to have stayed at the hotel on numerous occasions.

Details of a memorial service to two Danish UN soldiers killed in 1974.

A sentry observes from an unknown OP.

An article about one of the mainstay armoured vehicles used by the UN.

Several nations served in Louroujina, this article is about the Swedish Forces in residence.

In the Peristerona area, a farmer indicates the land he would like to cultivate.

Kokkina has always been a sensitive area and this article is about the first few OPs along the Buffer Zone.

An article about the Scout Car Squadron that could support any Sector requiring assistance.

Danish mine clearance experts about to explode an anti-tank mine.

An article about the issues of resupply........especially in Sector 1.

An OP with a tradition.

New OPs were still being built to replace older, sub-standard positions.


This OP is the last one along the Buffer Zone and is near the tourist town of Deryneia.

In September 1987 it was announced that Sweden had decided to wihdraw its troops from the UN.

The OP above the village of Troulli..........the plaque commemorates the final Swedish occupants before their withdrawal.........see "Then & Now".

The problem of numbering the various OPs was complicated when a country withdrew.

One of the most spectacularly located OPs was in the Danish Sector 1.

An article about the work of the Australian Civil Police.

The photograph shows the eastern end of the Kokkina enclave by the abandoned village of Mansoura.

Self explanatory article.

One of the new off road vehicles available to the UN troops.........the location appears to be near Louroujina.

British UN troops on patrol in Sector 2.

News items in January 1989 were obviously in short supply!

Danish UN troops on patrol in Sector 1..........believed to be in the abandoned Selemani Village.

A lengthier magazine was published for this important anniversary.

Pyla is the only mixed Greek & Turkish Cypriot village.