The Green Line in Cyprus

Then & Now

A number of "Then & Now" images from this be developed.
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The Union Jack flying from the bonnet of General Young's staff car as it drove to Nicosia on the 26th December 1963. The same flag in 2017 at the home of Michael Perrett-Young.

Major Perrett-Young  during the last evening in the Cornaro Hotel.......the image is titled, ‘The Strap is Off’. Michael Perrett-Young at home in 2017.

Fort Anadiou (north of Paphos) was a remote base at the edge of a Turkish Cypriot village. Today, a lot of earthworks in front of the site has made a direct comparison impossible.

The Turkish Cypriot village of Stavrokonnou had a permanent UN camp situated high above the village. When we arrived in the village and asked for help the only person we saw turned out to be a Turkish Cypriot who had been born there..............he knew where everything was.

The entrance to the Turkish area in Limassol.

The Dansborg outpost at near Xeros (now Denizli) was the site of the traditional Danish 'Julebadning' festival (Christmas Bathing).
Today the building has military markings and is bordered by lots of trees.

A soldier leaving the entrance to the UN camp in Louroujina.

Another view of the entrance to the UN camp in Louroujina.

The Swedish OP above the Greek Cypriot village of Troulii (a village inside the Buffer Zone). Photographs taken in 1987 & 2017.

The invasion point.....Five Mile Beach.

The Turkish Cypriot refugee camp at Paramali Station.........shortly before it was cleared and then burned in January 1974 and today (2018).