The Green Line in Cyprus

Varosha Today

Since the early 2020s, a new crossing point has been open at Dherynia. In conjunction with this, certain areas of Varosha have been opened to the public.
Varosha contains the large hotels and was a popular tourist destination in the 1960/70s. It was usually referred to as Famagusta and has been sealed off, a ghost town, since August 1974.

The map below shows the location of the entrance into this area.

The pin marks the gate. Click the map above or this link to load an interactive map (in a new window).

The author visited in June 2022 and May 2023 and a small selection of images are displayed below.

There are many excellent websites with 100s of for Famagusta/Varosha/Ghost Town etc.

Bikes and buggies can be rented at the entrance and (from June onwards) a minibus shuttles you to a beach at the southerly point of the newly opened area. The availability of the shuttlebus is not 100% certain.