The Green Line in Cyprus

The UN at work 1966-67

 All images are courtesy of the UN's Blue Beret magazine. The low image quality of these early pictures is due to the printing process of the 1960s.
The occasional 'hi-res' images are the original photographs.
The place names are as reported and may differ slightly from the official name.

A Canadian UN foot patrol leaves its base for a foot patrol.

Finnish outriders and Canadian scout cars lead an escorted convoy from Kyrenia to Nicosia.

Adding to the multimational nature of the convoys, a Danish UN soldier organises the Greek Cypriot vehicles into "slow" and "fast" columns.

A Canadian UK soldier at the Cliffside outpost overlooking the Nicosia-Kyrenia road.

The convoy leaves Nicosia for Kyrenia with its escort.

A fine view from the Cliffside OP of the main road with Kyrenia in the background.

An Irish UN soldier checking documents at Limnitis.

A Danish soldier on the hills overlooking Louroujina, a large Turkish Cypriot village that required a permanent UN detachment.

British UN soldiers of 1RWF at Stavrokomo (Stavrokonnou).

A Swedish UN APC at Arsos.

A 1RWF landrover escorted by a Ferret of the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards about to catch up and pass a local Cypriot on his donkey near Stavrokomo (Stavrokonnou).

A soldier from 1RWF at his OP overlooking Stavrokomo (Stavrokonnou).

An Australian Civilian UN policeman briefed by a 1RWF soldier at Ktima (Paphos).

A radio relay station of 644 Signal Troop on a hill at Kato Lefkara. A helicopter is used to resupply the unit three times a week, a flight of less than 30mins compared to over four hours by track.

A Swedish UN soldier stands guard on the old walls of Famagusta.

Helicopter exercises at Lympia with the Holy Cross Church behind. This Greek Cypriot village is a few hundred metres from Louroujina.

A complete page of the magazine devoted to the Danish detachment at Louroujina (with some interesting distances quoted).

Another Danish OP observing the Louroujina area.

Finnish OP108 had a clear view over a wide area.

Soldiers of the Black Watch at the "Saddleback" OP on the Kyrenia mountains.

Two British UN soldiers guarding the Kophinou camp perimeter (the camp was established inside the police compound).

Two 1Bn Black Watch of Canada soldiers with local transport at Temblos (near St Hilarion Castle).

The former Irish UN camp near the beach at Kato Pyrgos.

A UN padre with soldiers at the Saddleback OP.

A Canadian UN soldier at OP Hanley's Hill situated west of Nicosia.