The Green Line in Cyprus

Buffer Zone Villages and an Airport

Map 4......Deneia to the western outskirts of Nicosia

From L to R......Deneia (one of the five villages completely inside the Buffer Zone) to the suburb of Ayios Demetios

This complicated section includes two villages that are within the Buffer Zone and the UNPA (Nicosia Airport).

Deneia was a mixed village until 1964 and was occupied by Turkish troops during the 1974 invasion
Following some adjustments to the ceasefire line the Greek Cypriot inhabitants were allowed to return
In the early days of the occupation, movement to the north was limited to a few metres (the site of the new grey house)

A view of the village showing, in the distance, the old Turkish mosque and Greek church
Behind the camera is an extensive area of ancient tombs

The beautifully repaired mosque and, across the valley, large Turkish flags fly from prominent headlands

At the northern adge of Deneia is a now abandoned UN position (formerly occupied by Argentinian forces)

Near Kokkinotrimithia the Buffer Zone follows the edge of a steep ridge which offers magnificent views over the Zone
The northern limit of the Buffer Zone is marked in red

The video pans through the Buffer Zone towards a distant Nicosia

Nestling in the folds of the ridge is the village of Mammari (another of the villages inside the Buffer Zone)
The outskirts of Nicosia can be seen in the distance

At the northern edge of Mammari is a now abandoned UN post

As the Buffer Zone approaches Nicosia, the northern and southern lines spread to surround the UNPA (Nicosia International Airport)
The old hangers and the terminal buildings are marked
Click this link for images of Nicosia Airport today (opens in a new window)

An offficial UN image taken in the western part of Sector 2 close to the UNPA (Nicosia Airport)

After passing the airport, the Buffer Zone quickly narrows as it threads its way towards the centre of Nicosia
At the point, in Agios Domietios, the zone narrows to a single line of earth filled bags which can be seen in the distance

Between Agios Domietios and the old city the Buffer Zone leaves the now familiar scars on the urban environment
For details of the Buffer Zone in central Nicosia, follow the Through Nicosia tab which begins with the briefing.